Policies & Procedures

The purpose of this Golf Course Policy and Procedures page is to establish expectations, uniform rules, procedures and operating policies for the Birck Boilermaker Golf Course.


Full BBGC Members may make reservations 14 days in advance. Senior, Junior, and Twilight Members may make reservations 10 days in advance. Student Members may book 7 days in advance.  

Purdue Golf Savings Card Holders may book up to 10 days in advance, the general public 7 days in advance, and Purdue Students 3 days in advance.  All tee times require a name, phone number, and email at the time of booking. Tee times may be reserved online or by calling the Pro Shop during business hours.

The golfer who reserves a tee time is responsible for full payment for the number of golfers reserved and for cancellation, if necessary. Cancellations will be accepted up to thirty-six (36) hours prior to a reserved tee time. Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex (BBGC) reserves the right to charge the full amount of the reservation for cancellations made within the 36 hour period prior to a reserved tee time and for no-shows.


Men must wear a shirt with sleeves. Shirts with no collars, jeans, and shorts ARE allowed. Cut-off jeans or slacks, spandex, gym suits, gym pants/shorts, and short shorts are NOT allowed. Shoes must be worn at all times. Soft spikes or sneakers are preferred. Metal spikes or other footwear detrimental to turf quality are not allowed.


Each golfer is required to have a set of golf clubs. Rental sets are available for those who do not have their own clubs.

rain checks

Weather is part of the challenge of golf; therefore, rain checks are not issued for chilly, windy or rainy conditions.  However, rain checks will be issued to any golfer who is forced to abandon their round of golf when the course is closed due to lightning or unplayable course conditions.  Rain checks are issued as credit toward your next golf fees at the BBGC and are figured using the percentage of the number of remaining holes according to your tee time, pace of play, and sunset.  Rain checks are not issued for darkness at twilight rates.  All rain checks are issued at the discretion of the BBGC Professional Staff.

Alcoholic Beverages

The BBGC is licensed by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to offer daily retail beer and wine service along with contracted beverage services for outings and events. Therefore it is unlawful to bring alcoholic beverages onto BBGC premises for consumption. Anyone on BBGC property in possession of an alcoholic beverage that was not purchased at or served by BBGC will be asked to discard it if opened or have it confiscated. Failure to comply with this policy may result in being asked to leave the premises and to forfeit any fees at the discretion of the BBGC Professional Staff.

Check-in procedures

Golfers must register in the Pro Shop inside the Dye Clubhouse prior to playing golf. If the entire group is not registered in the Pro Shop 10 minutes prior to the reserved tee time, the tee time may be forfeited and the BBGC will make every effort to fit the group in at the earliest possible time. The group should arrive at their starting tee no later than 5 minutes prior to their reserved tee time.


All golfers riding in a cart must pay a cart rental fee. Each cart operator is required to have a valid driver’s license. Under no circumstances are those under the age of 16 allowed to operate a cart. Carts must be operated in a safe manner at all times. All signs, safety rules and regulations must be strictly obeyed. Each operator assumes the responsibility for damage caused to the cart and/or course.

Carts are to remain on the cart paths on all holes near tees and greens and at all times on par three holes. Under normal conditions, carts may otherwise move from the cart path to a player’s ball at a 90 degree angle. Under wet conditions, carts may be restricted to the cart paths at all times.

Golfers who need may request a special handicap flag.

pace of play

Playing golf at a reasonable pace is essential for enjoyment of the game and demonstrates respect for others on the course. The BBGC pace of play standard of FOUR HOURS on ACKERMAN-ALLEN COURSE and FOUR AND ONE HALF HOURS on the KAMPEN-COSLER COURSE is based upon the traditional four-ball game. These pace of play standards may be extended by the BBGC Professional Staff when circumstances warrant.

On-course Player Assistants, or Rangers, are provided to monitor the pace of play have and full authority to control and speed-up play on the course. Three-ball and two-ball games, as well as singles on the course, have no standing and should not expect to “play through” unless directed by the Player Assistant. Five-ball games are not allowed on the course unless approved by the BBGC Professional Staff in advanced.

Slow play will not be tolerated. Groups must follow the instructions of the Player Assistant to maintain a proper pace of play. Those groups not able to maintain an acceptable pace of play may be asked to move forward on the course or possibly issued a rain check to return at another time.